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Series 65 Exam Tutor


Michael- After attempting the series 7 twice I was running out of options. That was until you responded back to my desperate plea for help. I passed the exam this past Friday (with room to spare) and I am convinced that I would not have been able to do it without you! You were able to point me in the right direction and tell me what topics I needed to concentrate on. After just a few short weeks with you, I finally understood the ridiculous amount of material enough to pass. Thank you thank you thank you! I will for sure be in touch with you when I have to take the 66.  

Melissa - Albany, NY

Michael , At 27 and armed only with an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and zero background in finance, I knew embarking on the Series 7 Exam was going to be difficult. Everything I was reading and learning I was seeing for the first time and even some of the terminology was difficult to grasp. However, through your understanding, teaching, and patience, I was able to obtain an 84% on the Series 7 Exam within only three months. It was extremely vital and refreshing to have you there to explain and talk about concepts in detail that allowed me to achieve a deeper understanding of the material which lead to my defeat of the Series 7 Exam. Thank you again for being available around the clock via email with questions and working so diligently with me on this huge undertaking. 

Your student, 

-Brian, Miami, Florida

​I wanted to thank Michael for all of his help. I had been in a precarious situation with my test deadline coming due and not feeling ready to take the exam.(Series 7) I contacted Michael for help. He was informative about what to expect on the series 7 test and how he could help.Well he did more than help! I hadn't felt so completely ready for a test since college.(I am 50) He gave me a phrase which I have continued to use while preparing for the series 66...conceptualize what is being asked. Once I started to do just that it enabled me to relax and concentrate on the task at hand, preparing for the 7. Will I said I am preparing for the 66 which means I passed the 7 with an 81%. I could not be more pleased with his instruction and his teaching procedure. I would highly recommend his tutoring for anyone questioning their preparation. Once again Michael thank you!

Troy - Liberty, Missouri

After previously attempting the Series 7 exam 3 times, when my company came to me and told me I need to attempt it a 4th time, I felt like it would be a futile effort. I had taken the week long “cram classes” and memorized all the necessary formulas, but I just couldn’t seem to master enough to pass the exam; until I connected with Michael. Michael helped bring to light some key concepts that I was missing about how the overall industry worked. He was patient as I slowly worked through the practice questions in our sessions and helped me feel at ease to ask questions that I would have otherwise been embarrassed to ask co-workers about. Perhaps most importantly, Michael helped build my confidence. As I went into the exam that morning, I told myself: “I can do this, I can do this” (something Michael told me with each of our sessions) and I did! Thank you Michael, for all your help! You made all the difference!

Sarah, Sun Prarie, Wisconsin

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After we met, I ended up slowing down my pace and did a few more weeks of practice questions. When I took it, it was very unclear as to how I was going to do, but I ended up with an 82%! It certainly made the holidays much more enjoyable to have both behind me. Working with you really gave me the one on one attention that I needed to pass my series 66.

Warren - Princeton, NJ​

The time I spent with Michael and Series 7 Exam Tutor proved to be very valuable and contributed to me passing the series 7 exam. We covered taxable debt, municipal bonds as well as margin. Michael explained the concepts and we worked on many practice problems together, which I found to be very helpful. I would highly recommend Series 7 Exam Tutor to those needing a series 7 tutor

Maureen - Brick, New Jersey.

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