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Modern Portfolio Theory - Harry Markowitz

Feed back from test takers is sometimes reliable and sometimes it is not. It is sometimes difficult to remember what you have seen on an exam and differentiate it from what you saw in a prep providers materials. As time passes, this type of feedback becomes less reliable.

Not too long ago, I met with someone who said that he saw a question about modern portfolio theory and Harry Markowitz. Modern portfolio theory is on the outline to the exam but Harry making it to a test question, is a little strange, haha. I do causally mention well known finance profs in meetings but I am a little surprised the name of a professor would be on a test. Harry Markowitz taught a finance class at my school but I did not know it at the time and my schedule was already full, so did not sign up for it.

Here is a list of important people in finance and portfolio management and what concepts should be associated with them:

Harry Markowitz - Modern Portfolio Theory

Eugene Fama - The Efficient Market Hypothesis

William Sharpe - the Sharpe Ratio and CAPM

Burton Malkiel - A Random Walk Down Wall Street

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